Environmental Sustainability
As an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible business, Surreal Sparkles is committed to ensuring we comply with the highest ethical, social and environmental standards in conducting our business.

We strive to be a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable business, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across our entire supply chain and throughout our global operations.

Being Earth-conscious and committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we aim to take responsibility for our impact on the environment. In our opinion, we believe every business should be contributing to the global net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. We are therefore committed to becoming a 100% carbon neutral business by the end of 2025 by investing in sustainability throughout our entire business operations. One of our strategies is to plant trees to offset our carbon footprint in conjunction with our low environmental impact options for our packaging and delivery.

With an increasing focus on climate change, we plan to commence our ESG reporting to build greater trust among our customers by being accountable, transparent and compliant with best practice principles and frameworks on sustainability. Currently, ESG metrics are not part of mandatory financial reporting requirements by Australian Accounting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards. However, organisations across the world are increasingly making these disclosures in their Annual Reports or standalone Sustainability Reports. In light of the increasing focus on climate change initiatives, we are already prepared for this and believe ESG reporting will be mandatory for all businesses in the near future.

Recyclable Packaging
We source our deluxe logo boxes and packaging from suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices, which supports our aim to reduce our environmental impact on customers. Our Surreal Sparkles logo boxes are recyclable and/or biodegradable, except for the foam insert which holds your jewellery in place. According to the American Forest & Paper Association, the cardboard material has a recovery rate of 96.4%, which means it is an excellent candidate for recycling.

We encourage you to use our packaging to store and protect your jewellery when not in use. However, if you do choose to dispose of it, simply scratch off the gold foil logo and remove the foam insert before disposing it in a recycling bin. Further, our deluxe rose gold metallic bubble wrap packaging, which protect your items during shipment/delivery, are also completely recyclable.

We also implement a number of recycling initiatives at our head office which is embedded in our organisational culture, and use eco-friendly supplies/solutions to run our corporate headquarters. As an online business, we operate in a paperless environment, have LED lighting and solar panels installed at our Australian Head Quarters to generate renewable energy which increases our energy efficiency and reduces our carbon foot-print.

We only partner with suppliers and delivery companies who are climate-conscious and pursue green logistics to support environmental protection and preservation initiatives. Our delivery partners implement energy conservation reduction measures to curb the environmental impact of logistics. This includes purchasing clean energy vehicles, building a “green fleet” by introducing large cargo planes with better carbon emissions efficiency and lower fuel consumption by implementing energy conservation and emission reduction programs for aircraft fuel.